Real Estate Donation

Any Real Estate Donation like vacant land, industrial properties, residential properties or commercial property will provide you with a great tax deduction. If your real estate property asset has grown in value, or unfortunately turned into an obstacle, it may be the time to consider a real estate donation.

Real-Estate-DonationReal estate donations may help both individuals and corporate donors. The equity from your real estate donation will help us continue to benefit the cause. We will provide you with the support needed in order to conduct a real estate donation that optimizes the benefits for you, and our cause.

Real Estate Donation and Tax Deduction for Individual Donors

If the donated real estate property is owned in your own name, with your spouse or other persons, some rules may apply (Please check with your tax professional):
If you have owned the property for over a year, it is classified as long-term capital gain property. You can deduct the full fair market value of the donated property. This charitable contribution deduction will be limited to various percentages of your adjusted gross income.. The Fair Market Value is most commonly determined by an independent appraisal  Excesses can be carried forward up to five years (Please check with your tax professional).

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Real Estate Tax Deduction IRS Forms

IRS 8282 Form: Donor Information Return

IRS 8283 Form: Non cash Charitable Contributions